Library software, things are changing

Every year Library Journal publishes Marshall Breeding’s annual ‘Automation Marketplace‘.

This report annually analyses library automation systems. In the first reports, ILSs were the only ones analysed, but each year new solutions appear and are included. These new solutions are led by discovery tools.

The 2010 report comes in the context of financial cuts and trends at libraries to improve user experience.

The reductions in library budgets are affecting library software companies, and that is reflected in the decrease in the number of new installations.

The number of open-source solutions available is increasing each year; and the number of libraries turning to open-source alternatives, such as Koha or Evergreen, is also increasing. They are now on the same level as proprietary options. Open source is not only an option for small libraries, some big ones are changing from proprietary software too, as is the case of the King County Library System which migrated from Millennium to Evergreen.

The library software industry is changing. Libraries are changing and demanding new functionalities and services with lower costs. The cloud is open to libraries and web services are available on ILSs.

Companies are focusing on discovery tools to answer librarians’ need to improve user experience, and it must be said that this is the only way to generate income and compensate descending ILS sales.

If you are interested in what is happening in the library automation marketplace take a look at the full text of the article.

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