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Since 1995 UOC library has been offering its services to the UOC community. In 2000 UOC began Spanish studies offering degrees in Spanish. At that time the library was offering its website content in Catalan and Spanish and the library staff analyzed the possibility of offering subjects and notes in bibliographic records of the library catalogue in the two languages of the OPAC interface.

During that period of time the ILS was VTLS, and the solution was to duplicate the MARC tag of each subject or the note to Spanish adding zzz at the beginning.

650 00 Economics
650 00 zzz Economics



Spanish Catalogue

In 2008 all libraries of the CBUC (Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia) changed their catalogues to ILS Millennium.

That was a big challenge for all members of the consortium; it was not a simple migration to a new ILS system as it involved a MARC standard change before the migration. The bibliographic records in VTLS were encoded in CATMARC and Millennium works with the new MARC21 Standard.

CBUC members decided to implement the MARC format change by themselves, with no help from the ILS Company. That decision will enable members to perform global modifications on records before these are loaded into the new system.

In the UOC's Library the catalogue was full of duplicated MARC tags in non-standard format. It wanted to take advantage of this situation to find a better way to do the translations.

Before the implementation some UOC librarians visited the library of the Universitat de les Illes Balears where they had Millennium for several years. They suggested using the Millennium webpub.def file, which controls the WebPACPro visualization (the OPAC of Millennium) of MARC tag literals, and also controls which MARC tags are displayed on the OPAC.

That was the solution. Using this file we can create different visualizations depending on the language chosen. The bibliographic records were transformed to MARC21 format using the tool USEMARCON. With this, software librarians changed the original CATMARC tags to their correspondence in MARC21, cleaned some errors in the bibliographic records and transformed the subjects and notes to new MARC tags.

In the following chapters of this Solution you can read about how to implement the Multilingual OPAC using ILS Millennium and WebPACPro.  There is no explanation of the MARC change and use of the USEMARCON tool. If you are interested you can contact the authors for more information.

Data range: From 2008 to 2010


People involved:

Francesc March
ILS manager
Elisabet Cervera
Cataloguing Manager
Xavier Duran
IT support
Sergi Sanz
Migration Cataloguing Manager